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Optional Rules

Beginner Mode

Only use 3 tower cards per player (instead of 4). Only use Wild cards as any color, do not use the different wild card abilities.

Friendly Kitten Mode

Use 5 tower cards per player (instead of 4) and remove ALL Dark Magic cards from the deck.

Evil Mode (Double Darkness)

Players must say their Dark Magic word(s) with all DOUBLED SPELLS as well as normal spells.

Hidden Princess Mode

Play with all the princess cards face down so that the purple tower tops are showing. When a player removes the last tower card from the body of the tower, they flip over the tower top so the princess is showing and their turn immediately ends (even if they could have removed more tower cards). Play continues until the first player removes their face-up Princess card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a Dark Magic card is also the last card I play from my hand?

Whenever your hand is empty, you must first draw one (or more) cards off your tower, then draw back up to a max hand of five. Then you choose one of the five new cards and add it to another player's tower.

Do you have to say the whole spell on a Double?

You only have to say "DOUBLE" + "the word being doubled," not the whole spell (ex: If Jiggle Piggy is showing in the spell book, I would play Jiggle and say "DOUBLE JIGGLE!"

What if I play a double to remove my last tower card and another person plays a double-double to remove their last tower cards?

The first player to play a card that would remove a tower is always the winner, in this case the Double came first and would win before the Double-Double would even be played.

Can the next player take their turn while the previous player is still drawing cards?

Yes. As players grow more confident with their skills they will realize that speedy play helps prevent others from making Double Plays. WQueen Sparkle*Kitty encourages experienced players to penalize each other for making matching mistakes due to speedy play.

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